Varley Red Top™ & Varley Lithium Batteries for Motorsport and Aviation.

Varley Red Top Batteries and Varley Lithium Batteries form the Motorsport Battery Range from DMS technologies has been the PREMIER choice for the professional and club racing driver for some 60 years and the batteries have evolved over time to meet the changing demands of both motor racing or rally disciplines.

Aviation, like Motorsport, is a demanding discipline where space and weight-saving are key considerations. The Varley Red Top and Varley Lithium batteries are therefore popular and are approved by both the LAA and BMAA for installation in appropriately registered aircraft.

The MSA recently announced a new regulation covering the use of non-leadacid batteries as the main vehicle battery, with effect from 1 January 2019. The requirement will be for any non-lead-acid battery pack to be either a standard part for that car, or from a manufacturer registered with the MSA. This registration includes a declaration that the batteries produced by this manufacturer conform to all statutory standards such as UN38.3 and are suitable for motor sport use (See article here).

Our batteries are available through a wide network of specialist motorsport and aviation specialists.

Varley Red Top Products

Varley Red Top Batteries
Varley Red Top Batteries
Varley Lithium Li-5 12V 5.5Ah Battery
Varley Lithium Batteries
Varley Red Top 15 12V 15Ah AGM Battery